Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Black Garlic Sauce Update

Since my buddy was in town for the weekend, and I was sending some of the sauce back with him, I went ahead and further processed the sauce. I added some onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, dried mushrooms and anchovy paste, and then used a hand blender to puree the mixture. After blending, I let it sit for a couple of hours, at which time the mixture had gotten smoother and sludgy. I added 1/2 C of good Fish Sauce, 1/2 C of passable Dark Soy Sauce, and a further 1/2 cup of Michiu. I intend to give the sauce about a month to age, at which point I will see how it has turned out.

If you noticed that the level should be higher, that's because it should be. I sent my buddy back with about 10 oz. of the sauce in a Topo Chico bottle, which he has been instructed to cover with foil instead of the cap with which I sealed it.

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